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Nic & Ali

You are your own million dollar formula

Nic and Ali are transformational coaches who will challenge you to step up, claim the space and be the best version of yourself. In their presentation at The Empower Your Life Conference you will be challenged about your limiting beliefs and your self worth. Nic and Ali will teach you that "You are your own million dollar formula." In their entertaining presentation you will laugh and have many "aha!" moments and will leave challenged and ready to change your life permanently.

Nic & Ali - Transformational Coaches at Entrepreneurial Babes:

Nic and Ali have collaborated to create a movement of friendship and success for people around the world. With diverse backgrounds in small business, corporate and financial sectors they bring years of expertise to the entrepreneurship arena. They are serious about their impact and play big. Together they assist you to step up, claim the space and be the best versions of yourselves, whilst teaching you to become your own million dollar formula.

Shelley Wild

Big Panties, Barbies and Bitches, the Naked Reality of Failure.

Shelley will present a raw and candid look at her coming of age failures and what it means to "miss-take", harden up and bounce forward after life’s challenges. She brings a personhood to the ordinary frailties of life and digs deep to share her story about an ordinary girl who cracked to discover the magic of owning your own shit. She speaks with candour, straightforward wit and brings razor sharp insight to learn about our humanness. Her do-it-yourself guide to owning your own shit is a necessary addition to the handbag of life.

Shelley Wild - Managing Director, PeopleHQ:

Shelley Wild has built a career specialising in the how and why people behave the way, they do. She works with leaders and teams embedding the latest in neuroscience discoveries to leverage people performance to incubate innovation into the DNA of organisations and deliver entrepreneurial outcomes. She has a background in education, cognitive therapy, behavioural science, psychology and neuroscience. She works in the government and private sectors as a c-suite leadership advisor, team engagement educator and transformational change consultant.

Bianca Shugg

Listening to the real you

Life is a series of moments that that create our individual journeys. But it’s the moments you that stop and check in with yourself and determine how that event has effected your life, that are truly rewarding to savvy publisher Bianca Shugg. It took Bianca a few health knock backs to realise that she had forgot her inner voice. With three easy steps Bianca will show you how to take back your inner voice and start taking control of your life.

Bianca Shugg - Founder of Yum Gluten Free Magazine:

Bianca Shugg, savvy business woman and mother of two is proud to say she is living with Coeliac disease. While the diagnosis may originally have been looked upon as a negative, her new found gluuten-free way of life has been the catalyst for amazingly positive things including the popular Australian digital magazine yum. gluten free. Bianca was also the founder and managing director of a boutique parenting magazine, Peekaboo and has held other positions in marketing, communications and publishing.

Bianca has been awarded a Babes in Business, Mercedes Benz Business Owner of the year award in 2010 and then was a finalist for Emerging AusMumpreneur of the year in 2011. The yum team were also finalists for the best Digital Food & Drink Magazine at the Digital Magazine Awards 2014 & 2015 in London.

Carla Schesser

Free your mind, free your life.

We all learn limiting beliefs that cover up who we truly are. Many of these beliefs are unconscious, yet running our lives and hindering our highest potential & happiness. Carla shares how to identify and remove limiting beliefs, negative thoughts & fear byreprogramming the subconscious mind, virtually instantly, which allows us to enhance every area of life.

Carla Schesser - Writer at The Huffington Post,, & Lifehack:

A young entrepreneur, author and speaker, Carla Schesser is a woman who is passionate about inspiring and educating youth to live a life they love.

She currently writes for The Huffington Post, Success Magazine, Lifehack, Elite Daily & many other major publications on the topics of growth, success, mindset and healthy living.

Apart from presenting keynotes, writing for large publications and working with other writers to help get their voice published - she is also Managing Editor for (Voted in the Top 10 Personal Development Blogs by Darren Hardy's Success Magazine) and Smallville (an Andrew Griffiths initiative for small businesses who think BIG).

Carla has a rare ability to connect with her readers. She has been in the same shoes many aspiring young adults wear today and this allows her to reach her audience and inspire them in a way most people can’t.

Renee Dembowski

Topic "How" to "Just Do It"

Renee Dembowski is no stranger to the often crippling fear of failure. Sick of having so many great ideas and little to nothing to show for it, Renee decided it was NOW or never.... She opens up about her very basic and perhaps a little clumsy tactic to letting her passion override her fear. A very honest and relatable look in to the things (or excuses) that stop us from moving forward and how to turn the niggling question of 'but how?' into 'why not!'. Close your eyes, hold your breath, JUMP and work your ass of for the best results!

Renee Dembowski - Founder, Social Butterfly Marketing:

With a passion for BIG ideas, Renee’s innovation has seen the creation and successful execution of Australia’s very first “Virtual Fashions on the field”.

Renee is seen as an industry leader, providing advice, training, workshops, social media management for business, social media campaigns and event coverage on a multitude of social media platforms. Renee has worked with organisations including The Imperfect Mum, The Cairns Amateurs and Oxanda Education.

Annalisa Siefken

Living Purposefully

What would it take to live a life with ease and flow. A life with no expectations yet filled with opportunities? How does one get to this point and maintain it?

Annalisa will touch on some of her experiences but most importantly tools that we can all use that allow us the space to be the phenomenal beings that we are living a life with passion and purpose.

Annalisa Siefken - Entrepreneur and Passionate Advocate for Health| Wellness|Environment. Creator of BARE Movement & InsideOut:

Annalisa's passion for living consciously and purposefully has resulted in the creation of her own range of natural personal care products that are free from the many chemical counterparts and palm oil found in products as well as being ethical, sustainable, cruelty free and Australian owned.

Annalisa believes that education and awareness are vital to encompassing a life that is purposeful and healthy.

Jojo Carmody

"Intimacy and the Art of Connecting"

How many times a day do we have our faces glued to our phones?

How often are we missing these primal cues from other humans (our partners, our children... Strangers) that let us know that they need us. The beauty of modern technology allows us to "connect" with people around the world via social media. But with this amazing innovation, we are losing the ability to truly align with other humans.

Jojo will share with you some real life stories on building intimacy and understanding, and offer some insights on how opening your heart can help you connect in a more meaningful way.

Jojo Carmody - Fitness Advocate and business owner at Crossfit Barrier Reef:

Jojo is motivated daily by helping people take the steps to become the best version of themselves through health, fitness and self improvement.

A mum, a small business owner, and an adventurer, Jojo believes that experience is the best teacher.

She is unapologetically real, and ready to tell it like it is; from a place of love and honesty.

Kristy Vallely

M.C / Conference Organiser

Kristy Vallely: Entrepreneur, Social Activist, awarding winning blogger and founder of The Imperfect Mum. Kristy recently won an Australian Ausmumpreneur Award for "Making a Difference" and has been listed as one of the most clickable women in Australia by news website Mamamia.

Kristy has always been very passionate about women and the issues they face. Her passion and determination has helped her carve out a career helping others and creating "a go to place" for women from all around the world

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