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"Break through your limitations. Let go of fears and step toward a more empowered life. In a powerful heart driven day you will gain insights into how to breakthrough to a new you."

"The life you've dreamed of is a creation in waiting. We'll empower you to create it."

- Kristy Vallely, Entrepreneur, Social Activist and founder of The Imperfect Mum.


Nic & Ali

You are your own million dollar formula

Nic and Ali are transformational coaches who will challenge you to step up, claim the space and be the best version of yourself. In their presentation at The Empower Your Life Conference you will be challenged about your limiting beliefs and your self worth. Nic and Ali will teach you that "You are your own million dollar formula." In their entertaining presentation you will laugh and have many "aha!" moments and will leave challenged and ready to change your life permanently.

Nic & Ali - Transformational Coaches at Entrepreneurial Babes:

Nic and Ali have collaborated to create a movement of friendship and success for people around the world. With diverse backgrounds in small business, corporate and financial sectors they bring years of expertise to the entrepreneurship arena. They are serious about their impact and play big. Together they assist you to step up, claim the space and be the best versions of yourselves, whilst teaching you to become your own million dollar formula.

Tim Bishop

The Next Level

We all have one, no matter who you are, where you’re from or the story you have - we all have another level. A level of achievement, success, fulfillment, abundance, creativity - you name it - its in reach. We were born to win, and we all have the ability to be more, do more and give more then we ever thought possible.

The difference between where you are now and where you want to be, is a shift in thinking. Change can happen in an instant, when you’re shown how. Every human being wants to be happy, and that can only he achieved through progress, not perfection. Tim will share both how and why you can get what you want, with consistent results, that measure up.

Tim Bishop - Life and Business Strategist, Entrepreneur, Result Facilitator, Peak Performance specialist:

Previously Tim served in the Australian Military for ten years as an Officer and in under three years has built and developed two successful 7 Figure companies, that have been and are the catalyst of empowered change for 1000\'s of people within both personal and professional spheres - enabling people to breakthrough to their next level, with lasting results in the areas that matter most.

Shelley Wild

Big Panties, Barbies and Bitches, the Naked Reality of Failure.

Shelley will present a raw and candid look at her coming of age failures and what it means to "miss-take", harden up and bounce forward after life’s challenges. She brings a personhood to the ordinary frailties of life and digs deep to share her story about an ordinary girl who cracked to discover the magic of owning your own shit. She speaks with candour, straightforward wit and brings razor sharp insight to learn about our humanness. Her do-it-yourself guide to owning your own shit is a necessary addition to the handbag of life.

Shelley Wild - Managing Director, PeopleHQ:

Shelley Wild has built a career specialising in the how and why people behave the way, they do. She works with leaders and teams embedding the latest in neuroscience discoveries to leverage people performance to incubate innovation into the DNA of organisations and deliver entrepreneurial outcomes. She has a background in education, cognitive therapy, behavioural science, psychology and neuroscience. She works in the government and private sectors as a c-suite leadership advisor, team engagement educator and transformational change consultant.

Tyler & Carla

How Small Decisions Create Big Impact.

It\'s easy to look back on our past and see how big decisions have changed our lives, but have you ever looked back and thought about how your small, seemingly insignificant decisions have actually impacted your life? What if each day we all made small, conscious decisions that rippled out into the world in unforeseeable ways to create a positive change?

Tyler & Carla - Writers at The Huffington Post,, & Lifehack:

Carla and Tyler are two individuals who are perfect examples of how "putting yourself out there" can truly change your life and the lives of so many around you.

Both Carla and Tyler write for major online publications and together, their writing has been published with The Huffington Post,, Entrepreneur, Lifehack and many more.

Jo Ettles

Create a rich life with less stuff

Chaos in our internal and external environment, no matter what form it takes affects the positive energy flow in all areas of our life. By keeping pathways open and clear, we are able to see and feel  the endless possibilities that are surrounding each and everyone of us.

Remove the complicated unnecessary mess and clutter from every aspect of your life, no matter what form it takes and make room for more love, more laughter, more joy,more abundance and more light.

Jo Ettles - Author and Wellness Specialist:

Jo has published two self-help books. "The Shed – change your life by cleaning out your shed" is a book about how the chaos in our external environment affects the positive energy flow in all areas of our life and her latest book "Underneath My clothes" is an empowering body positivity book for women of all ages.

Kristy Vallely

M.C / Conference Organiser

Kristy Vallely: Entrepreneur, Social Activist, awarding winning blogger and founder of The Imperfect Mum. Kristy recently won an Australian Ausmumpreneur Award for "Making a Difference" and has been listed as one of the most clickable women in Australia by news website Mamamia.

Kristy has always been very passionate about women and the issues they face. Her passion and determination has helped her carve out a career helping others and creating "a go to place" for women from all around the world

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Jojo Carmody

Lexi Bishop

James Mitchell

Annalisa Siefken

Renee Dembowski

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